Thursday, May 29, 2008

My obsession with knitting is good for my soul

Just in general I try not to be too new age-y when it comes to spirituality but sometimes it just works. When I am knitting I find myself feeling very calm and at ease. There is only the stitch.
The type of work I do is always detail work. I need good light. I have to wear glasses. I have to pay attention. When I knit things like hats or scarves I can make a mistake and fudge a little to make things work but when I am knitting lace every stitch has to be correct for the pattern to emerge. As I knit I mentally say each repeat of the stitch pattern to myself like a mantra. When I am done the lace is a testament to my patience care while I was knitting. I have blended my daily meditation into my craft. The knitting has helped me to be more present and take more care in my quilting projects and in my everyday chores. Being still and doing something very repetitive give me a chance to think about my concerns, my fears, and my goals.
In this world full of distractions I have found a way to be quiet. I am thankful for my knitting. I am thankful for the meditation. And it doesn't hurt that I have something useful when I am done.