Thursday, January 3, 2008

Careful there is gushing

I just had to create a knitting blog so I had somewhere to gush about my love of knitting. I love knitting. I am not afraid to admit it. There are very few crafty things that I have taken to with all my heart and soul. Sewing is my first love. I quilt for a living so sewing is not my relax and release craft of choice anymore. Now I knit to relax. I am a woman obsessed!
I recently bought a hobby knitting machine and something in my brain just clicked and it all made sense to me all of a sudden. I have been crocheting since I was about 7 and I have knit a few very short scarves in the past, but my technique was poor and my attention span short and I quickly lost interest. Now I am a busy knitting fingerless mitts, socks, leg warmers, hats, and let us not forget felting! My husband is just baffled at how deep I bury myself (and our money) into my craft. Oh well! Knit on!

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