Thursday, January 3, 2008

Loose chick

I think that my re-entry into to knitting and loving it is mostly due to me learning how to knit continentally. I used to knit so tight that I would get tired and frustrated and stop before I finished many projects.
I love that in the world we live in now that there is so much knowledge being shared. I would personally like to thank every person who took the time to make a video or a tutorial online because I have progressed solely due to the fact that there are people out there willing to take the time to share what they know. Big cookie for you.
I feel so relaxed when I am knitting and I fall into that meditative state that makes crafting so fun. I have a set of knitpicks nickel plated circulars in all the sizes on the way. I am so excited. I ordered them the day before Christmas and I can't wait until they get here because the circulars I have now don't have a smooth join and it is seriously frustrating to get a snag when I am on a roll.
I also have a couple of new knitting machines that I bought off of eBay on the way as well. an SK 301 and a Brother 585. I'm going to try them both out and see what I like better. I have an Ultimate Sweater machine right now and I really like it as a starter machine but now that I understand the mechanics of the knitting stitch a lot more I'm ready to take it to the next level. I love learning new things.

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