Thursday, January 10, 2008

Slow torture by mail

My knitpicks needles haven't come yet. I am sad. I am never opting for "free" (ie. SLOW) shipping ever again. When I order products online I want them yesterday. Apparently they send the free shipping orders on the back of a blind, lame mule named Moe from Istanbul. My knitting machines aren't here either. One isn't coming at all because the seller can't find the accessories so I got a refund but I didn't want a refund I wanted a knitting machine. I passed up other machines I could have bid on because I knew I had two coming, grrrr. I did take a field trip to Chix with Stix today as retail therapy before my dentist appointment and I bought some sock yarn. It's so pretty that I don't want to use it just yet. Is that crazy? I do this with fabric as well. I buy really nice silk that I have no intention of ever sewing and I caress and love it and then put it away.
I also went to the eye doctor today and had an exam and ordered new glasses. With the addition of knitting as yet another close up activity for my eyes it's getting a little harder to see these days. My new frames are really cute, I can hardly wait until next week when I get to pick them up. With my run of luck lately they won't be ready in a week either! This whiny post has been brought to you by the letter I for impatience.

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